Fazenda Agronol has become a leading producer of certified specialty coffees aimed at the sophisticated international markets. To achieve this position, the farm has deployed series sustainable agricultural techniques such as irrigation water management, soil maintenance methods, wind breakers, organic fertilizers, and integrated approach to disease control and tracebility. Agronol coffees can be purchased as estate coffee or in a superb espresso blend bringing out the best of each coffee category..

Beans obtained by pulping, but without fermentation. These beans are characterized by strong flavor, body and sweetness, with low to medium acidity.

Beans obtained by natural processing, without use of any pulping. These beans are characterized by body and sweetness, with low acidity, derived from the high levels of sugar present in the bean during the drying process.

Beans obtained by use of a carefully supervised pulping and fermentation process. Softness, as well as a balance among acidity, sweetness and body, characterizes these beans.

Beans obtained by means of fine blends, taking into account the most desirable characteristics of the previous qualities, such as the body of natural coffee, body and sweetness of pulp naturals, combined with the softness and moderate acidity of washed coffees, thereby achieving an extremely pleasant flavor in the cup, in order to satisfy even the most demanding espresso drinkers.